Colorado is home to numerous beautiful botanical gardens. These include Betty Ford Gardens in Vail which is the highest botanical garden, the sprawling Denver Botanical Gardens, and Grand Junction is home to Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens is a bit of a hidden gem in Grand Junction and a bit off the beaten path, but if you find yourself visiting the gardens you certainly won't regret it.

Keep scrolling to learn about the gardens and take a virtual tour.

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens

The Western Colorado Botanical Gardens are located at 655 Struthers Avenue, just west of Las Colonias Amphitheater.

The gardens include a butterfly house, rainforest room, outdoor gardens, the Western Heritage Garden, as well as a children's garden

The Butterfly House is not only home to beautiful butterflies, but you'll also find a Koi Pond filled with exotic fish, as well as a variety of turtles.

Speaking of turtles, a large Salcata Tortoise can be found at the botanical gardens, as well as a display dedicated to Box Turtles.

The Outdoor Gardens are where you'll find more vegetation that's native to the high desert such as cacti, while the Rainforest Room is home to more tropical plants and is kept warm and humid. In addition, the Rainforest Room also has water features to accurately mimic a real rainforest.

The Western Heritage Garden is outdoors and features some old antiques like an old wagon and camper, while the Children's Garden has cartoonish statues as well as a building that resembles a castle.

Take a virtual tour of the beautiful Western Colorado Botanical Gardens:

Take a Tour of the Beautiful Western Colorado Botanical Gardens

Check out the beautiful vegetation, animals, and antiques at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

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