Footage of 6ix9ine being arrested in Palm Beach County, Fla. earlier this month has surfaced.

6ix9ine Arrest Footage Surfaces

On Thursday (Aug. 17), Law and Crime Network's YouTube channel released bodycam video that shows 6ix9ine being arrested back on Aug. 9. In the video, which can be seen in full below, Tekashi is asked for his license, registration and insurance but is unable to produce a license. After checking his information, the officer returns to the car, a Rolls-Royce, which is sans a license plate, and tells Tekashi to step out and places him in handcuffs citing a warrant for his arrest.

"You’re taking me to jail over a traffic warrant?" 6ix9ine asks.

"You didn’t appear for court," a second officer responds.

"I didn’t know that. When? For what, though? I never received a ticket," Tekashi replies.

After being placed in the back seat of the police SUV, he notifies the arresting officer of the reason his license plate is not on his car.

"It's a safety protocol," the Brooklyn rapper says. "People take pictures of the license plate, they run it and end up at my house."

On the ride to the police station, 6ix9ine continues to question his arrest.

"I still don’t get it," 6ix9ine says. "All my cars, I put under my brother’s name, I don’t put nothing under my name...I ain’t have the registration on me," he continues. "But they run the VIN numbers. All my cars belong to me."

"You know what’s so crazy?" 6ix9ine adds. "I get pulled over all the time, every single time, but the paperwork never be in the car but every cop knows my cars. I got all my cars, they know. I’m telling you, they know my insurance good, my license good, everything always good. That’s why I don’t care."

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6ix9ine's Legal Issues

According to Law and Crime, the arrest stems from 6ix9ine receiving multiple citations back in June following a traffic stop on Florida's Turnpike just south of Boynton Beach, Fla. for not having registration for the vehicle he was driving and speeding. He subsequently missed his court date. 6ix9ine bailed out of jail the day after his arrest after paying a $2,000 surety bond.

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See video of 6ix9ine being arrested below.

Watch Footage of 6ix9ine's Recent Arrest

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