6ix9ine has been released from a Dominican jail following his arrest for domestic violence.

6ix9ine Released After Domestic Violence Arrest

According to a Diario Libre report, published on Thursday (Jan. 25), 6ix9ine was conditionally released from a Dominican jail after he was arrested for domestic violence. The Brooklyn rapper, born Daniel Hernández, was ordered to pay a $510 deposit, undergo government counseling and meet with authorities every two months until they conclude their investigation into allegations that he assaulted his girlfriend, singer Yailin La Mas Viral.

Wanda Díaz, mother of Yailin, did not attend the hearing on Thursday, citing health issues. However, Judge Fátima Veloz, issued a protection order for Díaz, in case she wishes to continue with the domestic violence case against 6ix9ne. Díaz has accused the rapper of "physical and psychological violence" against her and her daughter, Yailin, whose real name is Jorgena Lulu Guillermo Díaz. The case is being investigated by the Department Of General Violence in the Dominican Republic.

Yailin's attorney, Cándido Simó, told the judge during the hearing that her client was not a victim in the case. However, prosecutors contend that Tekashi is an extremely violent person who has allegedly beaten his girlfriend on several occasions and in different places. They also believed that 6ix9ine had "brainwashed" her for several months in their relationship, the newspaper reports.

6ix9ine is allowed to leave the country but with the judge's permission only.

6ix9ine's Recent Arrest Comes After His Girlfriend Was Arrested for Alleged Battery on Him

On Jan. 17, 2024, 6ix9ine was arrested in the Dominican Republic for domestic violence after a warrant was issued in Santo Domingo. The embattled rapper's latest arrest follows an incident in December of 2023 in which Yailin la Mas Viral was arrested for assaulting Tekashi in Florida.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested and charged Yailin with aggravated battery involving a deadly weapon, battery, property damage with criminal intent and obstructing justice. The arrest was prompted by the emergence of a video depicting her physically assaulting the rapper. A police video of Yailin's arrest can be viewed below.

Yailin's attorney, Lorenzo Perez, told NBCMiami.com that he expects the charges would be dropped.

"This case will be resolved in a positive way, I'm sure, especially when the victim in this case, Mr. Hernandez, is asking the prosecution to drop the case, and he's also here waiting to make sure everything's going smoothly for my client to be released," Perez said.

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Watch police video of 6ix9ine's girlfriend getting arrested for alleged battery below.

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