Finding a signature look takes time. Deciding on the style for the day only becomes automatic after repetition. When the discussion turns to famous rappers, their day-to-day appearance is important since they're always in the public eye. With their look being so key, that leads to rappers spending big money on grooming than most other people. Compared to what the average person would spend to look good, the numbers can be eye-popping. But for a rap star? It's just another day. There aren't many forms of maintenance that these artists do more often than getting a haircut. So, in the process, some of them are dropping a pretty penny to keep their cuts right.

Diddy is a musical legend who has been around for quite some time. All of that experience means he understands the value of making sure he look his best, considering how recognizable he is. Diddy thinks grooming is really important, if going by how much he spends on haircuts is any indicator. According to the man himself, he's spending $1,000 a haircut, usually spending up to $5,000 a day, which is a lot of shaving and lining. But as one of the flyest people in rap, upkeep is vital. The man knows how he wants to look.

Lil Baby isn't shelling out quite as much as Mr. Combs when it comes to the cost of a cut, but the Atlanta rapper's expense is still quite high. He's pulling out nearly $500 to get a cut. And chances are he's spending even more money when he gets fresh locs.

Check out the gallery below to find out how much some of your favorite rappers are spending on haircuts.

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