Azealia Banks is continuing to criticize Kendrick Lamar's diss tracks aimed at Drake, and pushed back on K-Dot's allegations that Drizzy is a pedophile.

Azealia Banks Continues to Criticize Kendrick Lamar

On Sunday (May 12), Azealia hopped on Instagram to continue her onslaught of criticism against Kendrick Lamar. She hasn't been a fan of any of K-Dot's diss tracks, and as the short-lived beef between him and Drake seems to come to a close, Azealia decided to sound off one last time.

"Y'all are really gassing Kendrick for being such a Drake fan that he stayed up (clearly on substance) for almost five days to write meaningless love songs in which he spilled absolutely no tea," Banks began. "The daughter thing is fake, Metro making bbl Drizzy beats like Kanye ain't got the fattest bbl in rap. As a fellow Gemini, Kendrick clearly thought this would be a clever way to relaunch himself to the forefront given the lack of pop cultural fanfare from his last release. Women can tell a lot about a man by the way he moves."

She continued, "I don't need a degree in psychology to know that for a so-called Pulitzer prize winner to use his platform in such a weak manner, completely obliterating any prestige associated with such an accolade is a clear sign o lack of self-control and quite frankly homeboy sandman and Tupac deserve that accolade for hip-hop because Kendrick is the most boring rapper ever. Tupac is not from the west coast babe, and he'd probably think you're a cornball."

She went on to criticize Kendrick, Rick Ross and Ye for all getting plastic surgery, and then said Drake's not a pedophile in the eyes of the law.

"This is ultimately all about Kendrick's short man short d**k insecurities," she concluded. "Why call Drake a pedophile when 17 is the legal age of consent, and in many states it's 16!!!"

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Azealia Banks Relentlessly Criticizes Kendrick Lamar

Azealia has been against Kendrick Lamar from the jump ever since his feud with Drake hit a fever pitch this past month. Banks previously eviscerated K-Dot's "Euphoria" diss track earlier in May, calling it "dumb trash."

"Kendrick Lamar is so puny runty and unf**kable there's nothing he can do to 'win' anything," Banks also said. "I'm completely sorry but the little man anger is never ever going to be a thing. Kendrick is a nepo baby and that's the only reason why he's in the forefront."

She concluded that Drake won the battle because of how bad "Euphoria" was, and seems to be still standing by that decision.

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Check out Azealia Banks criticizing Kendrick Lamar below.

See Azealia Banks Criticize Kendrick Lamar for Calling Drake a Pedophile When Age of Consent Is 16


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