After being released from a 12-year prison sentence seven months ago, B.G. could possibly return to prison due to a recent arrest for probation violations.

B.G. Could Return to Prison for Parole Violations

According to a report from The Guardian, published on Saturday (March 30), B.G. could possibly return to prison for violating his parole with his performance alongside Boosie BadAzz at a Last Vegas concert this past February. Last Wednesday (March 27), the former Hot Boys rapper was reportedly arrested and then released on his own recognizance in Las Vegas, where he currently resides.

On Thursday (March 28), B.G.'s friend OG Freeze jumped on his YouTube channel to update fans on B.G.'s well-being. In the video, which can be viewed below, Freeze revealed that B.G. was released from jail but faces a federal court date in New Orleans on his parole violation.

"The man [has] come home, doing his little thing, he ain't bothering nobody...just trying to get his life back on track," Freeze said in the clip. "He ain't doing nothing different than no other rapper."

OG Freeze also showed a text message on his smartphone screen that he said was from Dorsey and read in part: "I just got out of jail."

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How Did B.G. Violate His Parole?

The Guardian reported that a federal probation officer stated in court documents that one of the conditions governing B.G. supervised release from prison was to "obtain prior written approval...before entering self-employment." B.G., real name Christopher Noel Dorsey, hadn't done so before performing with Boosie at a Las Vegas show on Feb. 8.

Additionally, since Boosie himself is a convicted felon, the two rappers performing together was a violation of a federal supervised release statute that prevents parolees from "associating unnecessarily with" convicted felons. The Guardian also reported that B.G.'s probation officer wasn't happy about Choppers & Bricks, his joint project with Gucci Mane, who is also a convicted felon.

At one point, B.G.'s probation officer had a conversation with him regarding his employment options. The officer advised the 43-year-old rhymer to seek alternative employment opportunities. According to The Guardian, B.G.'s response was: "I'm a rapper. That [is] my profession."

B.G. was released from prison in September of 2023 after serving over a decade in prison following his guilty plea to federal weapons charges stemming from his 2009 arrest.

XXL has reached out to B.G. for comment.

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Watch B.G.'s friend, OG Freeze, inform fans about B.G.'s release from jail below.

Watch O.G. Freeze's Video of B.G. Getting Released From Jail for Violating Parole

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