Ye's wife, Bianca Censori, sports a nearly topless outfit during Paris Fashion Week that definitely leaves nothing to the imagination.

Bianca Censori Steps Out Pretty Much Topless Even Without Ye at Paris Fashion Week

On Thursday (June 20), even though her husband wasn't by her side, Bianca Censori continued to turn heads during Paris Fashion Week in a way that was certainly not safe for work. Just one day after she was spotted wearing a skintight, see-through bodysuit while attending the Prototypes Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show with Ye, Bianca found a way to reveal more of herself.

In the photo below, Bianca Censori is wearing an outfit that all but fully exposes her breasts save for a thin tan-colored cloth strap draped around her neck no wider than two inches on each side. She also shows off her newly dyed pink curls as she poses next to an unnamed woman rocking a similar ’fit, only in black. According to TMZ, Censori's destination for Thursday evening was Gigi Paris, a swanky nightclub in close proximity to the Paris Fashion Week festivities.

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Ye Consistently Creates Wild Moments Every Time He Attends Paris Fashion Week

This is a rare occurrence in which Ye does not accompany Bianca as she makes a public appearance. However, on Wednesday, the couple's aforementioned outing at the Prototypes Menswear show is far from the most memorable moment the controversial rapper-producer created for himself during Paris Fashion Week through the years. In 2022, Ye was the subject of negative press that lasted for weeks after he infamously debuted his "White Lives Matter" t-shirt during that year's Paris Fashion Week as part of the YZY SZN 9 collection.

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In the photo below, catch a glimpse of Bianca Censori's latest fashion statement that is just inches away from a wardrobe malfunction.

See Bianca Censor's Nearly Topless Suspender-Like Outfit She Sported During Paris Fashion Week

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