Boosie BadAzz is in the process of building "Gotham City" on his sprawling 88-acre estate in Georgia where his eight kids can live.

Boosie Shows Off "Gotham City"

On Thursday (April 17), VladTV aired a new episode where they toured Boosie's Georgia compound. Specifically, Boosie showed off a city he is having built his backyard. The area contains four newly built two-story homes. And there is more to come.

"I'm thinking about putting another pool right here," Boosie says in the video below while surveying the area with DJ Vlad. "I'm putting [up] a big gate that separate right here, like a subdivision gate ’cause this gon' be Gotham City. I'm thinking about putting a small pool right here so they don't have to come swim in my pool."

"When you got land, you the man. You can do some much stuff," Boosie continues, adding he would like to build a subdivision and a container mansion on his property as well.

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Women Sneak Onto Boosie's Property

Boosie has had issues with people coming onto his property univited in the past. Last month, he called the police on a woman who showed up to his house. Last July, an uninvited guest drove onto Boosie's property in a strange attempt to cook for him. The fan was shooed away by a man at the rapper's home.

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See the video of Boosie showing off the city he built on his 88-acre estate for his kids below.

Watch Boosie Showing Off Gotham City

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