Cam'ron says he won't be watching Creed III due to photos of the film's costars Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors hugging.

Creed III, the third film in the blockbuster boxing trilogy, is currently the No. 6 film at the U.S. box office over a month after its release on March 3. One person who refuses to see the movie is Dipset rapper Cam'ron. Killa let his feelings be known on Instagram on April 8. Sharing two photos that show actors Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors hugging, Cam captioned the pics, "The reason I didn’t go see creed."

Cam'ron's admittance drew some backlash on social media.

"So Cam'ron didn't go see Creed III because of that photo of Michael B. Jordan and Johnathan Majors hugged up together. What did he think he was going to happen in the movie... they were going to go from fighters to lover," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Cam’ron has nerve to criticize the photo shoot with Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan," someone else tweeted. "You wore a pink Fur and drove a pink Range Rover? Y’all also made Skinny jeans popular! These dudes love dissing Gay men yet they love GAY FASHION. Wait till you learn about the Polo Bear."

Virginia rapper Skillz offered a lengthy response to Cam'ron's post on Instagram.

"We are our own worst enemies smh," Skillz captioned a screenshot of Cam's post. "I tell all my homies I love em...Why? Cuz I do! Sometimes it throws em off but Ion care, Ima keep saying that ish. Tomorrow aint promised. We all getting older man & death is definitley certain. It's already hard enough out here for black men as it is bro. You cant even show love or accept it without your own trying to make it out to be something else. I dont know Micheal B Jordan but I know losing Chadwick was hard on him....cuz shit it was hard on all of us. We clowned that man before he died not even knowing how sick he really was. Maybe Jonathan came into Mikes life when he needed a friend...a bro."

"How come men cant have healthy relationships with other men without thier masculinity or sexuality being questioned?" he continued. "I put up a post last week saying 'Black men its ok to smile in your pictures' and got nothing but dudes saying 'naaah Ion do that ish Skillz' You dont do what? Smile? You dont see nothing wrong with that? Maaan the times we living in goofy af. Yall got it. When you die and ya family dont have one picture of you smiling you got it bruh. Hardest obituary pic ever. You won."

Some rappers in Cam's comments appeared to side with him on his opinion.

"This was a funny promo shoot for a boxing movie," Fabolous wrote.

"They couldn't just take pics wit boxing gloves? That's crazy," Don Q chimed in.

Uncle Murda commented with several crying laughing emojis


The last time Michael B. Jordan was in the hip-hop headlines, he was being called out by Joe Budden earlier this month.

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