Cardi B is again having to defend her man Offset against claims of infidelity.

Cardi B Addresses Offset Cheating Rumor

On Sept. 16, a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, @ThatsSoBolds, shared video of Offset's recent interview on Kai Cenat's Livestream, which can be seen below. The post purports to be proof the former Migos rapper is being unfaithful to Cardi. The clip points out Offset walking off camera multiple times to talk to a woman.

"Offset seems to be cheating again on Cardi B during Kai Cenat's stream with another woman!" the clip is captioned.

Cardi B has since shut down the claims. She first reposted a fan page that addressed the incident with the caption, "Y’all are lying and just putting random clips together. They were laughing because they caught him sleeping, and that’s definitely his brand manager/cousin."

Bardi added: "Exactly…The fact that they had to watch a 24 hour stream to fake piece things together is EMBARRASSING!!! They some do bads lmaaoooooo."

Adding further proof to discredit the claim, another Cardi fan page shared a video of Offset's brand manager, She She, who was present during the video.

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Cardi B and Offset Speak Out on Relationship Drama

Offset cheating on Cardi B early in their relationship has left him open for more accusations throughout the years. The couple have also added their own fuel to the fire, with Offset admittedly lying about Cardi B being unfaithful earlier this year. Last month, Cardi threatened to sue someone for putting out fake evidence that Offset was cheating on her.

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Peep Cardi B reacting to a rumor that Offset was cheating on her with another woman on Kai Cenat's livestream below.

See Cardi B Addressing Offset Cheating Rumor

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