Fans are reacting to Drake rapping over Metro Boomin's "BBL Drizzy" beat on Sexyy Red's new project.

Drake Spits Over "BBL Drizzy" Instrumental

On Friday, (May 24), Sexyy Red delivered her new project In Sexyy We Trust. On the new tape, she collaborates with Drake on the Tay Keith-produced track "U My Everything," which hilariously finds Drizzy rapping over Metro Boomin's Drake disstrumental "BBL Drizzy" halfway through his verse.

"BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it/The last one drunk, he did it for free 'cause I sent over so many passports for him, for real," Drake raps over the instrumental. "Don't even worry 'bout all of that s**t/Just keep it natural for 'em, I swear/I got a passion for ya, I swear/I got attraction for ya, I swear, yeah/You think I'm a bastard girl, but I swear/You ain't get your masters but I still break in your back in the master bedroom, I swear/You send a pic in them shorts/And I had to send ya a cash and act like I was there/You the hood b***h of my dreams, Sexyy, girl, you just ask for me, and I'm there."

Interestingly, this is Drake's first verse since he appeared to signal the end of the Kendrick Lamar rap battle and announced summer vibes were on the way. Though he doesn't take any swipes at Metro, he is clearly playing into the joke.

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Fans Reacto to Drake Rapping to "BBL Drizzy"

"BBL Drizzy" has been trending on X, formerly known as Twitter, with fans weighing on the The Boy's latest move.

"Drake is funny .. he really put that BBL Drizzy sample in his verse on that Sexyy Red song," one person posted.

"Drake rapping over the BBL drizzy beat is crazy work," another post reads, along with multiple crying laughing emojis.

"Drake rapping on BBL Drizzy is completely unhinged," reads another tweet.

Metro Boomin crafted the "BBL Drizzy" beat in response to being dissed by Drake on "Push Ups." The track features a sample of a comedian singing about the work Drake is rumored to have done to his body. Metro even started a contest where he offered $10,000 to the person who had the best verse on the track.

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Check out Drake rapping over Metro Boomin's "BBL Drizzy" beat and reactions below.

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