Drake loves getting tattoos. The Toronto rap superstar recently got a new tat on his face and it appears to have a special meaning.

Drake Got a New Face Tattoo That May Have a Special Meaning

Drake is sporting a new tattoo and his latest ink on his face seems to be particularly meaningful. On Sunday (Nov. 19), photographer Brent Kore posted on his Instagram Story a few black-and-white images of Drizzy rocking his new tattoo that appears right above his eyebrow.

The tat is a blocky, all-caps word that reads "MISKEEN" with sharp edges in a serif font.

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So What Does Drake's Tattoo Mean?

The word "miskeen" has multiple meanings both in Toronto slang and in Arabic. According to a Torontology thread on Reddit, it's a slang term for someone who is not genuine or a civilian. However, one poster wrote, "In Habesha culture, it can mean an innocent child (poor/homeless) who looks sad, unfortunate, or doesn't know any better (innocent in other way)."

Miskeen is also the name of a clothing brand based out of West Philadelphia, Pa. The apparel brand just recently launched a special limited-edition collection of Philly sports varsity jackets.

So is Drake working on a collaboration with Miskeen for some Toronto-based sports varsity jackets? Who knows?

However, the general consensus from most fans is that "miskeen" means an innocent person. It's unclear why Drake wanted the word above his eyebrow.

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Drake Has an Impressive Array of Tattoos All Over His Body

According to a recent accounting by PopSugar, Drake has a total of 56-plus tattoos on his body. These include his first tattoo, the OVO owl, as well as large portraits of his loved ones and musical idols, such as the late R&B singer Aaliyah.

In August of 2023, photos surfaced of Drake's tattoo of his son's name inked on the back of his neck. In the viral pic, a smiling Drizzy is wearing a Los Angeles Sparks basketball jersey with matching purple and yellow bandanas wrapped around his forehead. The OVO Sound leader proudly shows off his son's name, "ADONIS," written in all capitals in a Western typographical font, on the back of his neck. You can peep it below.

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Take a look at Drake's new tattoo below.

Check Out Drake's New Tattoo on His Face

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