The internet has dug up video of Fivio Foreign when he was younger as an audience member on The Steve Wilkos Show.

On Wednesday (April 19), a clip surfaced online of an episode of the popular tabloid talk show The Steve Wilkos Show that featured a fresh-faced Fivio Foreign in the crowd. In the hilarious clip (below), the B.I.B.L.E rapper reacts stunned when Steve is giving the backstory on the next guest and stands out from the crowd for his animated facial expressions.

After the video started going viral, Fivio Foreign addressed the clip on social media on Thursday (April 20).

"N***a caught me on the Steve Wilkie joint," the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper said in a video he shared on Twitter, that appeared to be taken at the dentist's office. "I went to Steve Wilkie s**t back in the day. They had me on the joint. Caught me on Steve Wilkie."

"My girlfriend at the time—she my baby moms now—she wanted to go to the joint," he continued. "I'm like, aight we out. They said you had to clap. You had to act like you extra into it so you can get on TV. I'm like, aight, I wanna be on TV. It's all good. That's some funny s**t. I remember that s**t, too."

Steve Wilkos even commented on the viral video, posting on Twitter, "Who found this," along with multiple crying laughing emojis.

"Dat's what I'm saying," Fivio Foreign responded.

The Steve Wilkos Show is a spinoff of the long-running Jerry Springer show and is currently in its 16th season after debuting in 2007.

See Video of a Fivio Foreign as an Audience Member on The Steve Wilkos Show Below

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