The topic of classic hip-hop albums is among the quintessential barbershop conversations that has transcended from shop chairs to social media platforms. And of course, no one LP is at the helm of the conversation, so it goes without saying that fans have varying opinions regarding which hip-hop releases are considered classics.

When the topic is brought up regarding classic hip-hop albums, rap titans like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Drake projects would be assumed to be inserted immediately. Some would say Jay's first offering, Reasonable Doubt, is deemed an archetypal effort. However, when XXL posed the question on Facebook of which classic rap albums shouldn't receive the recognition it does currently, Hov's later works, like The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse for instance, was mentioned. While some think it's a solid opus, they wouldn't consider it a magnum opus.

As Lil Wayne's name is also often brought into the fold of the classic albums topic, his Tha Carter series—one through five—are dissected and compared amongst one another, with many emphatically stating that 2005's Tha Carter 2, which contains singles like "Fireman" and "Hustler Musik," doesn't warrant superior praise. One person has actually denounced all of Weezy's efforts, but that fan is presumably standing on that hill alone.

"All Lil'Wayne's albums...I reviewed them first before buying and I don't regret my decisions for not bothering!!!" the person wrote.

Kanye West's introductory effort, The College Dropout, which seemingly was the thematic blueprint for his sophomore and junior releases, has received a bit of doubt from rap heads as well.

For Drake, who has a healthy discography at this point, has some albums that have also been debated among the masses. Views, which arrived in 2016, and features notable bops like "Controlla" and "One Dance" with Afrobeats artist Wiz Kid and vocals from British singer Kyla, didn't make the cut for some rap aficionados.

Other coveted albums like OutKast's Aquemini and NWA's Straight Outta Compton were up for debate as well. This could be an unpopular opinion, but it's a thought shared no less. Take a look below to find several other hip-hop albums that are considered classics, but some fans feel otherwise.

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