Ice Spice's marketing strategy for her new song appears to have hit a snag in Atlanta.

Truck Promoting Ice Spice Song Vandalized in Atlanta

On Saturday (Feb. 17), a video began circulating on social media of a truck traveling through the streets of Atlanta, featuring emojis that spelled out the title of Ice Spice's new song, "Think U The S**t (Fart)." A track that some deemed a diss towards Latto. The following day (Feb. 18), a photo surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter, of what appears to be the same truck promoting Ice Spice's song, but her emoji branding had been defaced to promote Latto's latest release, "Sunday Service." A red line was drawn through Ice's emojis and the words "Stream Sunday Service" were spray painted on the side of the truck, as seen in the photos at the bottom of this post.

What Caused Ice Spice and Latto's Feud?

For context, the mild tension sparked between the Bronx and Atlanta rappers last month. Latto uploaded a TikTok clip featuring Ice Spice's "Pretty Girl" music video playing in the background while on a sprinter van. Ice Spice's response to this was her new song as well as an explanation that was shared on Spaces via X, formerly known as Twitter. Ice said the track was targeted at someone who had her music playing in the background of a "weak-a*s" snippet, adding, "I put it out because b****es were being funny that day."

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Latto Drops New Song, Addresses Playing Ice Spice's Song in TikTok Video

A week after Ice Spice released her single, Latto delivered a track of her own, which fans concluded the song contained a jab directed at Ice. On "Sunday Service," Big Latto raps, "Think I'm the s**t, b***h, I know it, h* (Hot)/Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin' though (Hey-hey)." A portion of Latto's video for "Sunday Service" was also shot in Ice Spice's hometown: the Bronx.


Latto later addressed the aforementioned snippet, saying that there was no malice intended. She shared during an interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game that she didn't purposely have Ice's video playing in the background of her "Sunday Service" preview. However, since Ice Spice thought it was intentional, Latto's sentiment echoed so be it.

So it appears that the ladies have a thing for doing promo in each others' respective cities.

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Check out photos of Ice Spice's vandalized promo truck below.

See Ice Spice's Promo Truck for Her New Song Vandalized in Atlanta

See the Truck Promoting Ice Spice's New Single on a Truck in Atlanta

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