Fans think Latto is hinting at dating 21 Savage based on her The Sims 4 characters' likeness to the two rappers.

Latto's Video Game Raises Eyebrows With Fans

On Sunday (May 12), Latto hopped on her Instagram Story and shared an image of her characters on The Sims 4. In the photo, which can be seen below, the Atlanta rhymer revealed that her female Sims character, who slightly resembles Latto, had a bun in the oven.

"Update she pregnant," Latto penned on the snapshot of her Sims character.

Following this, the 25-year-old artist shared another picture of two different Sims characters in what seems to be a miniature pool. Except this time, Latto included a made-up male character who has short dreadlocks and tattoos. Big Latto then announced that her video game characters were new parents.

"They having a home birth," Latto wrote for context on the image.

After coming across Latto's IG story, fans quickly went on X, formerly known as Twitter, and made their assumptions about Latto's Sims characters. People on social media suggested that Latto is secretly trying to tell them that she is dating 21 Savage. The tweets can be seen below.

"Latto's sims being her and 21 is so," one X user typed.

Another X user tweeted, "Latto over there playing with her pregnant sims character, and the baby daddy looks like 21 Savage [laughing emoji]. The closest we gonna get of her posting him lol."

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Latto and 21 Savage Spark Romance Rumors

Rumors about Latto and 21 Savage's unconfirmed romance initially circulated in 2021, around her birthday. After the two rhymers posted on their Instagram profiles pictures of themselves separately vacationing in Puerto Rico, their fan bases assumed that they were dating. In the years to come, fans have been trying to confirm if Latto and 21 Savage are officially an item. Even 21 Savage has dodged questions about his relationship. In 2022, 21 Savage bluntly stated on Clubhouse that he doesn't have a celebrity girlfriend.

However, the 31-year-old rapper was spotted with a new tattoo behind his ear that reads "Alyssa," Latto's government name, in January of 2024. Additionally, Latto has red ink with the word "Sheyaa" behind her ear, which is 21's birth name. The rapper seemingly got his name tattooed in February of 2023.

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Take a look at Latto's characters on The Sims 4 and her fans' reactions below.

See Latto's Characters on The Sims 4

See Fans Suggest That Latto Is Hinting at Dating 21 Savage Based on Her Sims Characters

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