Latto is insisting she didn't mean to have Ice Spice's video playing in the background of her "Sunday Service" preview.

Latto Insists Ice Spice Video Playing in Background of Song Preview Was Not Intentional

On Friday (Feb. 9), a teaser clip of an upcoming Million Dollaz Worth of Game interview with Latto was shared on Instagram. In the clip, which can be seen below, Gillie Da Kid asks Latto whether she meant to have Ice Spice's music video for "Pretty Girl" with Rema playing in the background while previewing her new song "Sunday Service" on social media back in January.

"You gettin' right to it," Latto told Gillie. "I did not do that on purpose, but f**k it."

"And she took it like you did it on purpose?" Gillie clarified.

"OK then let's do it then," Latto said. "It wasn't like that. It wasn't like that, I swear to God. It wasn't like that. Mind you, I'm in Houston having a ball. Leaving the club drunk as f**k. I'm like, I'm gonna make a little TikTok to this song I like, type s**t."

Latto then said she didn't know Ice Spice was dissing her on her latest single "Think U the S**t (Fart)" until Spice confirmed she was during a Twitter Spaces conversation on Feb. 2. Spice previously told her fans that spotting her music video for "Pretty Girl" playing in the background of Latto's TikTok didn't sit well with her. Latto went on to tell Gillie she's ready for whatever comes next.

"Baby, I come from a rap competition show. So, like, yeah if it's gonna be that let's do it," Latto said. "I'm gonna say what I got to say right back bang bang...I ain't running from no smoke."

However, Latto then clarified during an Instagram Live session that her "Sunday Service" jabs weren't aimed at anyone in particular.

"Y'all just be jumping to conclusions then be mad at me," Latto told her supporters.

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Latto Drops New "Sunday Service" Track Seemingly Aimed at Ice Spice

The interview arrives mere hours after Latto dropped off her track "Sunday Service," which fans already speculated was targeting the Bronx-bred rapper.

On "Sunday Service," Latto raps, "Think I'm the s**t, b***h, I know it, h* (Hot)/Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin' though (Hey-hey)."

Previously, Spice appeared to take shots at Latto in the second verse of her "Fart" single, rapping: "She must've thought she could catch up/I got my foot on they necks, I can't let up (Grrah)/She all on the floor, told her get up (Get up)."

Latto also shot the music video for "Sunday Service" in Ice Spice's home turf of the Bronx.

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