Lil Yachty is clapping back at fans who accused the rapper of stealing Playboi Carti's flow on a new song.

Lil Yachty Has a Wild Clapback to Fans Saying He Stole Playboi Carti's Flow

On Wednesday (March 20), Yachty responded to chatter online surrounding his flow on an unreleased song Kai Cenat previewed during a livestream last Monday (March 18). Fans were quick to call out Lil Boat's cadence on the track, with many of them comparing it to Carti's.

"Biting him? How did I bite him?" Yachty wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in response to a critic. "If that's the case i been workin with cardio since 2019-2020 on record yall fans be smoking the strongest d**k."

Cardo is known for producing all of Carti's most recent releases: "H00dByAir," "Ketamine," "EvilJ0rdan" and "Backr00ms." So fans were quick to clap back at Yachty's clapback.

"The song is terrible," the user @hadmyback replied. "The beat is a ‘H00DBYAIR’-type beat. Your flow is an obvious attempt at a Carti flow, and you used a ‘what’ ad-lib in the same cadence [that] Carti uses.”

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Lil Yachty Announces New Album

Boat had previously announced in an Instagram post on Feb. 13 that he is dropping a new album with James Blake.

"I mean, granted, I think James has worked with a quite substantial amount of hip-hop  artists. But this project is so left for both of us," the Quality Control rapper said in the video clip. "And then, aside from the one picture that James posted, which—he doesn’t have many followers actually—I don’t think people know that we know each other exist. So it’s just gon’ be like, 'What the f**k? When they do this?'"

Lil Yachty had previously dropped off "A Cold Sunday" on Feb. 2.

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See Lil Yachty's reaction to biting Playboi Carti's flow below.

See Lil Yachty's Reaction to Being Accused of Stealing Playboi Carti's Flow

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