Last night, Gervonta Davis was battling Hector Luis Garcia in their WBA World Lightweight Championship bout, but it appeared that Meek Mill was having his own fight at ringside.

On Saturday (Jan. 8), Meek Mill reportedly got into an alleged altercation at ringside during the Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia fight at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. Reports are varied, but according to sports journalist Andreas Hale, Meek allegedly was about to fight one of the Gary Russell boys — reportedly Gary Russell, Jr.— and Wallo267, from Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, was trying to quell things between both parties.

The Philadelphia rapper's squabble at ringside momentarily stopped the real matchup between Davis and Garcia. Eventually, Meek was escorted out of the venue before any physical contact erupted.

Stephen Espinoza, president of Showtime Sports, who witnessed the altercation, told Fight Hub TV that Meek and Gary Russell Jr. exchanged words and had a little shoving match but nothing evolved into fisticuffs. Watch the video below.

Adams Boxing Show on Twitter explained further: "It was allegedly over 'rooting interest.' There has been some words between Tank and Gary Russell Jr over the years. The Russells have history with Tank dating back to the amateur scene in the DC Area. Meek Mill was there to see and root for Tank."

Meanwhile, after being escorted out of the venue, Meek addressed the situation on his Twitter page.

"Congratulations tankkk!!! I almost fought a boxer telling him this fight not going 12 rounds I missed the big bomb!!!!" he tweeted.

"I would never let no petty shit escalate to let somebody movie run …. I just walked away .. I came to support tank and boots!!!!!! Good wins [five sparkle]," he continued. "I was nice to everybody at that fight if you was there you saw! The blogs gone put up the aggressive part after I respond to something aggressive … everybody in that section seen my level of respect towards others… i just gotta step my response game up!"

"I have no business going back and forth that hard with a random person and we just talking about sports…so my apologies for wasting time for nothing! I had a few shots I know how to dodge those! Congrats Tank and boots!!!" Meek concluded.

In the end, Davis delivered a punch to Garcia's head in Round 8 that was so vicious, it affected Garcia's vision and he didn't come out for Round 9. Therefore, Davis scored a TKO to remained unbeaten at 28-0, 26 KOs.

Watch Meek Mill Get Into an Alleged Altercation at Gervonta Davis Fight Below

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