As a seasoned court reporter, Meghann Cuniff has years of experience covering criminal trials. However, in recent years, the freelance journalist has emerged as a go-to source for hip-hop's biggest legal issues. Her first rap-related courtroom experience was what she called a "silly case" back in 2017. Cardi B was sued by a male model for allegedly using his tattoos on the cover of Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 without his permission.

"Really it was on after there," Meghann tells XXL during a Zoom interview from her home. "I was working at Law & Crime and they were all about the celebrity trials in L.A. So we had [Harvey Weinstein], [Danny Masterson] and Tory Lanez, of course."

Everything changed for the 40-year-old Oregon native when Tory Lanez went on trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. Megann Cuniff was able to quickly translate complex legal jargon into easily digestible tidbits for X, formerly known as Twitter. In turn, she helped the everyday rap fan understand what was transpiring in the courtroom. As the high-stakes trial progressed, she was deemed "Meghann Thee Reporter" as an ode to her break-neck, unmatched coverage of the case. The nickname was also a nod to Megan Thee Stallion since the pair share the same first name. Lanez, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison back in August for the crime, was not a fan of Cuniff's work.

Before his sentencing, the Canadian rapper used his last moments of freedom to criticize Meghann, referring to her as a "googly-eyed b**ch" and lamenting her coverage of him. She wasn't in the courtroom at the time, but Meghann was later able to verify that Tory Lanez did in fact insult her.

"I think some people were thinking I'd be really upset about it or something,'" Meghann said of the insult.

The rapper's clowning ultimately helped Meghann Cuniff's career, boosting her followers on social media by the thousands. As she now turns her focus to Young Thug's sprawling RICO trialXXL asks the reporter to share her thoughts on its recent developments. She also speaks about the sexual assault allegations against Diddy, A$AP Rocky's upcoming trial and more. Check out the full conversation with Meghann Cuniff below.

Watch Meghann Cuniff Weigh In on Young Thug's Trial, Diddy's Allegations, Tory Lanez Insults and More


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