Monaleo dropped two major projects this week.

Earlier this week, Monaleo and Stunna 4 Vegas welcomed their first child together. The newborn's name and gender have not been revealed.

On Friday (May 26), Monaleo hopped on her Instagram page to celebrate her joyous baby news. Although her baby reportedly was due to arrive on May 29, the newborn was delivered last Sunday (May 21) days before her debut album, Where the Flowers Don’t Die, hit digital stores.

In her IG post, the new mother shared a video of herself in a pool surrounded by a midwife and a few doulas after delivering her newborn baby via natural water birth.

"In the midst of dropping my first project i’m celebrating the birth of my sweet baby [four teary eye emojis] 48 hour labor and a natural water birth . NO EPIDURAL!!!!!!" she wrote. "[I] was debating on sharing this but this my greatest accomplishment. [A]bove any accolade. [I'm] so so so so so grateful for the amazing women in my life who i appointed to be my doulas and my wonderful midwife @midwifekatina for taking care of me on my maternal journey."

Monaleo also thanked Stunna for being such a supportive boyfriend and new dad.

"To my best friend @stunna4vegas thank you for supporting me, uplifting me, catering to my every need," she typed. "Always putting me first and always encouraging me to reach heights [I] never thought [I] could. [I'm] so glad we got to share this beautiful experience together. [I] love you more than life!!!!!!! [heart emoji]"

Finally, the 22-year-old rap mom offered some heartfelt words to her precious newborn.

"To my sweet baby: you had the happiest most amazing birth days . [W]elcome to the world. [I] cant wait for you to experience it. [The] good and the bad," she wrote. "[I] can't wait to create the safest space for you to be the super nova you are. mama loves you stinky [teary eye, baby and star emojis]."

Monaleo also reached out to Rolling Stone to update them on her health.

"The baby and I are doing amazing!" she told the publication via email. "I had a completely natural home birth/water birth. It was an amazing, empowering experience that I got to share with the matriarchs of my family. I’m now resting in bed with the world’s sweetest newborn, enjoying the fruits I bore both physically and musically."

Congratulations to Monaleo and Stunna 4 Vegas on their newborn baby's birth.

Watch Monaleo and Stunna 4 Vegas Announcement of the Birth of Their Newborn Child Below

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