Playboi Carti recently got an intense pep talk from a fan about dropping his new album sooner than later.

Playboi Carti Fan Gives Rapper Spirited Pep Talk About Dropping New Album

On Thursday night (Feb. 22), video surfaced of Playboi Carti interacting with a foreign fan in Italy where he was for Ye's Vultures event. In the video clip, which can be seen below, the fan and Carti are having an intense conversation. The fan's nose is touching Carti's forehead, they are so close.

"Please drop Music," the fans yells while patting Carti on his shoulders. "Please! Please!"

Carti listens intently and then gives other awaiting fans dap before the video cuts off.

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Playboi Carti's Music Album Coming Soon?

Playboi Carti fans have been waiting for his new album Music with bated breath. In December of 2023, the album was rumored to be dropping in January. The Atlanta rapper has since put out five singles but has yet to release the highly anticipated LP, the follow-up to 2020's Whole Lotta Red. Last November, Carti revealed he spent three months in a cave recording the new album.

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See video of Playboi Carti getting a spirited pep talk from a fan about dropping his new album below.

Watch Playboi Carti's Wild Interaction With a Fan

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