Ever since Prodigy rapped "Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body" on LL Cool J's 1995 song, "I Shot Ya (Remix)," talks of the secret society have become more popular within the hip-hop community. A year later, DJ Premier went on to famously sample those lyrics for the production of Jay-Z’s 1996 record, "D’evils." In turn, these two records have sparked rumors and debates about the Illuminati and its involvement in a rapper's career advancement and more.

At the same time, the conspiracy theory has convinced people to believe that rappers are pushing this agenda onto their audiences through their lyrics, performances and personal styles, to name a few. Whether the Illuminati exists or not, some rappers have alluded to having some kind of involvement with the mysterious group, which is supposedly an all-powerful secret society of people who allegedly control the affairs of the world and seek a New World Order.

Some rappers who have claimed they have a tie to the Illuminati include Rick Ross, Bhad Bhabie and Vic Mensa. On April 20, Rick Ross told a radio control car reviewer named Jay Kujan in a video posted on his YouTube that he was a part of the secret society.

"I'm in Illuminati," Rozay admitted to Jay Kujan while testing out a radio-controlled airplane.

Meanwhile, in March of 2018, Bhad Bhabie stated that the Illuminati helped her become successful after confirming that her ascension had nothing to do with her looks or talent.

"My success isn't just because of my red hair, hard work, exceptional rapping abilities," Bhad Bhabie stated. "I can't attribute my success to any of those things. It is me joining the Illuminati."

Vic Mensa, on the other hand, stated in his 2018 single, "Heir to the Throne (Freestyle)" that leaving his signature on the dotted line of the secret society's contract resulted in a feature from Kanye West and his prominence.

"I just signed a deal with the Illuminati," Vic Mensa rapped. "That's how I got the Ye feature and got super poppin’."

Regardless of any evidence, there are several rappers who have claimed to be connected to the conspiracy theory.

Take a look at the rappers who have previously declared they're a part of the Illuminati in songs lyrics, during interviews and on social media.

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