Despite the ever-increasing number of successful rappers out there, it's key to remember one thing: rapping is hard. Some of the best artists currently and in past eras have their fair share of lyrics that don't quite hit the mark despite their seemingly endless well of talent. It happens to every rap artist—none of them are safe from stepping into the booth and delivering a stinker. There's plenty of examples throughout hip-hop over the nearly 50 years it's existed, but no worries, XXL did the work of tracking down the bad lyrics for everyone. Take a look through some of the worst bars out there.

While Drake is building up his legendary resume, he has had some lyrical low moments. In 2016, he rapped, "Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum," on his song "Pop Style." The Toronto rhymer let world hear him say this lazy reference to a famous actor.

Future's spot in hip-hop history is set in stone, whether it's hit songs, strong projects, influence or any other metric, but he's also gotten some bars off that he could have kept quiet. The Atlanta rapper uttered the words, "She not a lesbian, for P, she turn pesbian" on Gunna's Grammy-nominated 2022 track "Pushin P," which also features Young Thug. Future's lyrics here are memorable, because the "Huh?" factor never wears out. The confusion comes back fresh every time, as Future attempts to explain how much a woman is drawn to him.

Other artists including French Montana, Blueface, Yeat, Iggy Azalea, DaBaby and Playboi Carti have their fare share of subpar rhymes as well. But there's more. Check out the gallery below for 50 of the Worst Lyrics From Rappers.

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