Rubi Rose has called DDG "a weirdo" for allegedly letting his girlfriend Halle Bailey wear her old T-shirt.

On Saturday (Feb. 11), Rubi Rose was trending on Twitter after she called out DDG for allegedly letting his girlfriend rock one of her old tees. Halle Bailey, the Michigan rapper's boo, posted a video on her Instagram Story wearing the same T-shirt Rose wore back in 2020. You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

"Having ur bitch where my clothes is crazy lol," Rose tweeted.

Fans caught wind of her tweet and thought Rubi Rose was taking a shot at Halle Bailey for wearing her old tee. For context, DDG and Rose dated before his relationship with Halle. There is a possibility the women could have the same kind of shirt, but Rubi's accusation likely means she no longer has the clothing and insinuating she left it with DDG.

The "Big Mouth" rapper clarified in another tweet that she wasn't dissing Halle.

"I like Halle, Ddg a weirdo tho fasho," she wrote.

DDG has not responded to Rubi Rose's allegations that he gave Rubi's old T-shirt to Halle to wear. The 2021 XXL Freshman is a little preoccupied as he's currently nursing a broken foot.

Last November, DDG went viral after a video resurfaced of him trolling podcast hosts with his "real" voice. The young rhymer originally appeared on the Dope as Usual Podcast back in October. At the request of host Dope as Yola, DDG revealed his deep baritone voice, which shocked everyone in the room.

Unfortunately, this time around, DDG is going viral for this moment.

See Rubi Rose Accusing DDG of Giving Halle Bailey Her Old Shirt Below

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