Soulja Boy is explaining himself after video recently went viral that showed his chain breaking during a live performance.

Soulja Boy's Chain Breaks During Performance

On Sept. 16, No Jumper's account on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared video of a recent Soulja Boy show. In the video, which can be seen below, SB is rhyming on stage when one of his several chains breaks, sending his pendant crashing onto the stage.

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Soulja Boy Reacts to Video, Explains Mishap

On Sunday (Sept. 17), Soulja Boy reacted to the video of his chain popping. The rapper set his sites on No Jumper for airing the clip.

"No Jumper, if you don’t shut your b***h ass up, n***a, and stop posting me on your f**king blog with this random s**t," Soulja Boy said.

"I had on tennis chains, n***a," he added. "I had on too many chains, first of all, I had on tennis chains. This muthaf**kin chain is too heavy for this link. When I get to L.A., we gon' do the interview. Get off my d**k."

Soulja Boy recently had another onstage mishap when he almost fell off a skateboard during a show last month.

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See video of Soulja Boy's chain falling off during a performance and him explaining why below.

Watch Soulja Boy's Reaction to His Chain Breaking During a Show

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