Soulja Boy went on social media and viciously slammed Metro Boomin for his 12-year-old tweet that disparages him. Not only that, 21 Savage caught some strays as well.

Soulja Boy Calls Out Metro for His Old Tweet, Also Slams 21 Savage

Soulja Boy is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. On Saturday (May 11), the Atlanta rapper went on Instagram Live and blasted Metro Boomin for a 2012 tweet he made on Twitter before it became X. In the hitmaker's post, he wrote, "My phone rings to come to the studio with Jeezy. Yours rings to send Soulja Boy a pack of beats. Sit down."

It's unclear who Metro was speaking to at the time, but it appears that Soulja caught wind of the producer's old tweet and responded with a barrage of slanderous and derogatory remarks directed towards Metro.

F**k you talkin' about Metro groomin'," Draco said in the video below. "You was lit up about goin' to the studio with Jeezy b***h-a** boy?"

"Stop playin' with me. N***a, I had a number one n***a in 2007, n***a," he continued. "When I was 17 f**k n***a. You was still in elementary school b***h-a*s boy. You was in middle school, boy."

Later, Soulja warned Metro that if he didn't take down his 2012 tweet he was going to diss the producer in the same manner he had done with "Like That," featuring Kendrick Lamar, which sparked the unforgettable Drake vs. Kendrick rap battle.

"Delete that tweet, p***y-a*s n***a," he said. "You got 24 hours f**k n***a, on my mama."

"If I wake up tomorrow, n***a and that muthaf**kin' tweet aint deleted, n***a," he continued. "Y'all n***as want to drop whole albums dissing n***as and s**t, right? Alright bet, n***a. Let the games begin."

"I know how to diss too, n***a," he added. "My [mixtape] is dropping Friday, n***a."

On Sunday (May 12), Soulja jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and called out Metro Boomin for his 12-year-old tweet.

He crudely started off his vicious rant, which can be viewed below, by wishing Metro's late mom a Happy Mother's Day. Metro's mother was killed in a murder-suicide in 2022. So Soulja's post was extremely insensitive and uncalled for.

Despite backlash from fans for slandering Metro's family, the "Crank That" rapper persisted in his attacks on the producer.

"I don't give a f**k!!!! It's always cool when a n***a come at me but when I defend myself it's too much huh?! F**k that n***a mama!!!!!!!!!! Don't speak on my name b***h!" he wrote.

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Soulja Boy Goes After 21 Savage, Challenges Metro and 21 to a Boxing Match

Soulja Boy also had smoke for 21 Savage, who is a dear friend and a longtime collaborator of Young Metro. Apparently, 21 jumped in the fray when Soulja posted the initial warning to the producer. In a since-deleted post, Soulja wrote, "He got 24hrs to delete that tweet." To which 21 Savage replied, "Or what?"

Additionally, Soulja hopped on IG Live and blasted 21 for getting in the mix. The video can be viewed below. The ATL rhymer also posted a message to the "Redrum" rapper.

"Boy you a b***h[.] You not from the A you from the UK [British flag emoji]," he wrote. "I'll really slap the s**t out you [21 Savage]."

In Soulja's angry posts below, he challenged both Metro and 21 to a boxing match.

"I'll beat the f**k out you @MetroBoomin and @21savage sign the boxing [boxing glove emoji] contract since u p***y n***az so tough!!!" he wrote.

It looks like a new rap beef is shaping up.

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Check out Soulja Boy's vicious rant on X against Metro Boomin and 21 Savage below.

See Soulja Boy Vicious Posts at Metro Boomin and 21 Savage