Travis Scott hit up Studio 8H and performed "My Eyes" and "Fe!n" with Playboi Carti on Saturday Night Live. The rapper also showed off his acting chops in a funny skit.

Travis Scott Rocks SNL with "My Eyes" and "Fe!n" Performances

On Saturday (March 30), Travis Scott hit the stage at Saturday Night Live and performed two songs from his fourth studio album, Utopia.

For his first set, the rapper-producer performed his introspective track "My Eyes." Dressed in all black, La Flame kicked off his performance by laying on what appears to be a couch before rising to his feet and rapping about the struggles he often faces with being a rap star. Travis places a lot of emphasis on visuals. So while he was performing, behind him was an X-ray image of him rocking the mic and appearing as if he was on fire.

For his second performance of the night, Travis Scott delivered an energetic performance of his hyper track "Fe!n" with his friend Playboi Carti. Shot with a shaky camera, Travis and Playboi spit their rebellious bars while weathering a dark storm complete with lighting bolts and a smoke machine.

Travis Scott Parties With Please Don’t Destroy Guys in Funny Skit

Not only did Travis Scott perform on SNL, he also appeared in a funny sketch by comedy troupe Please Don't Destroy who are SNL stars Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy. For their sketch, the trio are invited by the show's host Ramy Youssef to hang out with Travis.

The guys reluctantly go with Youssef and once they jump into Travis' limo, the madcap begins. The trio is smoking weed with Travis and got so high their eyes started to bug out. Then, while partying at a club, they start hallucinating. Meanwhile, Youssef, who didn't get high with them, is questioning why he wore shorts to the club. But don't worry he fixed the problem by creating napkin pants.

The trio's night ends with them at the hospital and the doctor informs them that they weren't high after all because they only smoked CBD, not weed at all. The doctor added that they were suffering from a medical term called "being gigantic pu***ies." Ouch!

You can watch Please Don't Destroy's hilarious video below.

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Watch Travis Scott's perform "My Eyes" and "Fe!n" as well as his comedic appearance in Please Don't Destroy's "We Got Too High" video below.

Watch Travis Scott Perform "My Eyes" on Saturday Night Live

Watch Travis Scott Perform "Fe!n" with Playboi Carti On Saturday Night Live

Watch Travis Scott in Please Don't Destroy's "We Got Too High" Skit

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