Trina has clapped back at critics after receiving backlash for saying Beyoncé is the number one female rapper.

Trina Addresses Critics Following Backlash Over Her Beyoncé Comments

Trina jumped on her Instagram Story on Thursday (Dec. 28), and posted a message to critics who lambasted her for saying Beyoncé is the queen of rap in an interview earlier this week.

"For the dusty crusty funky b***hes in the bacccckkkk [loudly speaking emoji] Beyoncé is the queen of rap (when she raps) and ALL other genres of music," she wrote in her IG Story post, which can be viewed below. "Now stay mad goofy's I said what I said and NANN b***h gone check me. [middle finger emoji] Carry on [hot face emoji]."

Trina also posted a lengthy message on her Instagram feed reiterating her comment that Beyoncé is the queen of rap.

"I said what I said .. that's the Queen Bey and I'm gonna STAN [bumblebee emoji] on that [three speaking voice emojois] Beyonce is the Queen of rap (when she raps) and ALL genres of music when it comes to me!! Go argue with the IRS or somebody else idc...and that’s not up for debate over here," she wrote in part. Her IG message can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

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Trina Says Beyoncé Is the Queen of Rap

Earlier this week, a video popped up of Trina being interviewed by HipHopDX who asked the Miami rapper about the recent wave of new female rappers coming into the rap game. Trina credited Queen Bey for opening the doors to an influx of diverse female spitters in the rap industry.

"Yeah, Beyoncé ‘cause she's like the number one female rapper when she does rap," Trina explained.

"It's just one of those things like of course this is the Queen's Beyoncé, but when you hear her do a song and it's rapping involved, it's like, 'Oh my God,' like it just, it's more inspiration and, um, I don't know it's just a good thing, man," she continued.

Trina noted that rap is being elevated by the diverse voices and rhyme styles of so many female rappers who come from different backgrounds. Overall, the rap veteran is happy to see so many women rocking the mic.

However, some critics are giving Trina the side-eye with her Beyoncé is the queen of rap comment. Several people jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their opinions.

"The funny part about that Trina interview is not the Beyoncé opening doors comment it’s the fact that Trina has been in the game for 20+ years and couldn’t even say her own name," observed one person.

Another fan supported Trina's comment, writing: "Trina consistently shown love, paid homage to & worked with so many female rappers. She loves Beyonce - THAT’S HER IDOL - she was just giving Beyonce her flowers! Y’all claim Trina is old, washed & irrelevant but her interview got y’all huffing and puffing & doing think pieces!"

A third person posted: "Trina had the opportunity to name legends who pioneered female rap, and instead of listing them (or even referencing herself as one of the pioneers), she named………..Beyoncé. She must want a bouquet of flowers. [peace emoji]."

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See Trina's response after receiving backlash for comments about Beyoncé below.

Read Trina's Clap Back to Critics Over Her Beyoncé Comment

Trina responds to the backlash over her Beyonce comment on her Instagram Story.

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