Ugly God is accused of murdering his best friend's father.

Ugly God Is Accused of Shooting and Killing His Best Friend's Father

Rapper Ugly God has been accused of shooting and killing a 50-year-old man in Gulfport, Miss., in June. According to a WLOX news report, published on June 29, police responded to 911 calls of a shooting just before 12 p.m. on June 29. When cops arrived at the scene, they found Renaldo Delavallade dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside of a vehicle.

Police Chief Adam Cooper told the news station that they had a suspect in custody and is cooperating with detectives. A motive for the shooting wasn't established at the time and circumstances surrounding the incident were unclear. You can watch a news report about the shooting incident at the bottom of this post.

Despite this, a relative of Renaldo Delavallade has posted several TikTok videos accusing Ugly God, born Royce Cornell Davison-Rodriguez, of being the alleged shooter. The person also shared a police case report showing that Ugly God was the suspect who shot Delavallade with a small caliber handgun while the victim was in his car. The person also claims that the rapper was not prosecuted for the crime because his uncle is a judge in the city. The person also alleges that Ugly God is bragging about his alleged involvement in the crime.

You can watch some of the TikTok videos below.

There's no word if Ugly God is still in police custody or has been charged with a crime.

XXL has reached out to the Gulfport Police Department and Ugly God's rep for comment.

@tyzlyfe Speaking in my DEAD brother Voice.My name Is Renaldo DeLavaLLAde a FATHER , SON , BROTHER , COUSIN !!I was Murdered by my sons Bestfriend on 06-29-2023 in Gulfport Ms in Broad Daylight !!! #uglygod #dripgodsounds #justiceforrenaldo #mixtape #cnnnews #XXL #viral #wlox @The Shade Room @TheNeighborhoodTalk @UPROXX Music @Mymixtapez@Private investigator ♬ Missing You - Brandy & Tamia & Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan

@tyzlyfe PSA:: This video is meant to be informative!!! oh, and no other reason. I have no reason to lie. I simply want people to know that the UGLY God murdered my brother in broad open daylight and claimed self defense. Yes there’s two sides to every story, but some actions speak for they self. My brother was sitting in the driver seat of a car. Never ever stepped foot on the ground and after whatever conversation they had, he proceeded to leave. When he was shot 4 times in thd face, as he was leaving. So all of this craziness about he must’ve been doing something or bothering him. Someone even said that we was trying to rob him.Obviously y’all don’t know the neighborhood that they live in Ugly God mom live with my brother and his wife and two of his kids. Believe me this is not the neighborhood you go to to rob someone but I’m not gonna argue about that.The fact is he killed my brother today made a month and he brags about it!! maybe I should just do a live so people can ask whatever they want to ask. I have nothing to lie about and nothing to hide but I will spend the rest of my life , if I have to to get justice for my Brother… #ugl#uglygods#justiceforrenaldox#mixtapen#cnnnewsL#XXLl#xxll#xxll#xxlfreshman#xxlfreshmano#wloxr#viralp#fypl#politicaltiktokr#murdermysteryl#uglygoddessm#damonreece ♬ Missing You - Brandy & Tamia & Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan

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Who is Ugly God?

Ugly God is a Houston rhymer who is part of the 2017 XXL Freshman Class. The 26-year-old rapper is famous for his viral hits "Water" and "Let's Do It." His last studio project was Bumps & Bruises, which dropped in August of 2019.

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See a local news report on the shooting below.

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