YG has a big concert coming up in March but before he rocks the mic, the Los Angeles rapper is charging $1,000 for fans to have dinner with him before his show.

On YG's official website, 4Hunnid.com, there is a flier announcing his two birthday concerts on March 10 and 12 at the Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. Next to it is another flier for a meet-and-greet dinner with the Compton, Calif. rhymer before his shows. YG is charging $1,000 per person for the dinner, which includes a five-star three-course meal, an open bar and a photo with the "Go Loko" artist.

Fans caught wind of YG's dinner and some people weren't feeling the 32-year-old rhymer's pricey invitation.

"I'm trippin if I pay a rack to have dinner with yg [two face with hand over mouth emoijs]," tweeted one person.

"Y’all playing $1,000.00 for dinner with YG?" questioned a second fan.

However, one YG devotee was eager to join the California rapper at his dinner but wanted extra in return for the $1,000 price tag.

"[I'm] fashoo trynna see YG in march [weary face emoji] LMFAOO but the dinner date for 1,000 he better lemme eat his ass or sum [rolling eyes, two weary face emojis]," wrote a possibly joking fan.

A fourth person tweeted: "If I was a huge YG fan, I wouldn’t trip over that at all. It’s a gaudy purchase, but that’s a pretty cool experience for a thousand bucks."

While YG's expensive meet-and-greet dinner might sound outrageous, he's not the only artist having pricey events for their fans. Chris Brown is charging $1,000 for a photo-op with him at his shows and people are paying it.

Read YG's Meet-and-Greet Dinner Flier Below

YG charges $1,000 per person for meet and greet dinner for fans before his show.

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