I've watched this happen during almost every visit my family has made to Yellowstone National Park. You'd think the tourists would learn, but no. A new video share shows a bison in Yellowstone explain to a visitor that no, he does not want a selfie, but thanks.

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This close encounter of the bison kind in Yellowstone National Park happened May 20, 2023 according to the video description just dropped on YouTube with the following short (and accurate) backstory which said:

Tourists were getting too close to a bison at Yellowstone National Park. Within 10 minutes of watching the bison and people, this lady almost got gored.

You can predict how this is gonna go within seconds.

We're barely into the 2023 Yellowstone National Park tourist season and already there's been a baby bison that had to be put down due to a visitor picking it up. The National Park Service confirmed this unnecessary tragedy.

I watched so many tourists on the boardwalks in the park get too close to bison during my family's last visit, I'm astonished this kind of thing doesn't end in tragedy more often than it does.

I was always taught that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Sadly, it does not appear that many others who visit Yellowstone National Park every year were taught that life lesson.

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