Welcome to Dad’s Secret Stash, where we take a look back at some of the naughty pictures our fathers probably had stashed away in their sock drawer.

Here is a circa 1950′s photo (maybe one of the original paparazzi shots) of Jayne Mansfield posing in a bikini by a lifeguard chair at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We wanted to say that “Jayne Mansfield was like NAME OF SOMEONE FAMOUS TODAY of her generation” but we decided there really is no fair comparison. No one today is as big in popularity as Jayne Mansfield. So we won’t bother even wasting the space.

We’ll just mention that it must have been awesome to hang out in Vegas in the 1950′s. Jayne Mansfield is just lounging around taking pictures. Sure, you could run into a celebrity at a Vegas pool these days, but it’s Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid you’ve just got to pray the chlorine is strong enough to kill whatever funk they’ve left behind in the water.

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