The upcoming snowstorm that is set to impact much of the Front Range of Colorado now has an official name. Xylia. Winter Storm Xylia has the potential to be a historic storm for Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. As of Friday, more than 150 flights have been canceled according to the Weather Channel.

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This storm appears to be serious enough for one infamous man to make the trip to Colorado for the storm. That man's name is Jim Cantore. If you have ever watched hurricane coverage, you about Jim Cantore.

Jim Cantore Reports On Hurricane Irene For The Weather Channel
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Now I am sure that a snowstorm isn't as intense as a Category 4 hurricane, but if Jim is here, I would have to say there is something going on with winter storm Xylia. This is shaping up to be quite an interesting ride for a snowstorm. We'll all have to wait it out to see how much snow we actually get.

Source: The Weather Channel

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