A very unique Colorado neighborhood has a little bit of everything. There are mind-blowing rock formations, homes in the hills, a huge farm that has possibly made an airline passenger or two do a double-take, and even a high-security facility that requires special clearance to enter.

Keep scrolling to learn about, and take a virtual tour of this Colorado neighborhood that you probably didn't even know existed.

Where is this Unique Colorado Neighborhood?

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We've been given a unique look into this unique Colorado neighborhood by a YouTuber that flew over it in a hang glider. The video is titled "A Trip around Ken-Caryl," but the neighborhood itself isn't technically in what's considered Ken Caryl.

It is, however, just southwest of the Denver suburb which itself is located southwest of the city's metro area.

What's in this Unique Colorado Neighborhood?

In this neighborhood, you'll find all kinds of interesting things. First of all, some of the residential areas somewhat resemble a Rocky Mountain-style Hollywood Hills with big, extravagant, and no doubt expensive homes right on the hills.

However, unlike the Hollywood Hills, the neighborhood also has some of Colorado's unmatched natural beauty in the way of rock formations, bodies of water, and more.

In addition, the neighborhood is also home to ranching and you might even spot some horses on the side of the road while passing by.

Interestingly, there is also a high-security Lockheed-Martin facility in the area with signs posted instructing motorists to dim their headlights and show proper identification.

The neighborhood is nothing short of unique, and you can take a virtual tour below:

Horses, Hills + High Security in a Unique Colorado Neighborhood

You probably didn’t even realize that this Colorado neighborhood existed.

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