Kodak Black's new album features a song with bars that address his beef with YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Yak released his newest project, Haitian Boy Kodak, today (May 14). On the song, "Dirty K," the South Florida rhymer gives a brief summation of his soured relationship with NBA YoungBoy.

"My lil' brother YoungBoy told me he look up to me/I don't know why but he be feeling like it's fuck me now/Bout to call him, tryna see what all this fussing 'bout," Kodak Black spits.

Kodak and NBA YoungBoy had a friendly relationship prior to 2020, even appearing on tracks together like "Water" and "Chosen One" in 2017. In April of 2020, while Kodak was locked up on federal firearms charges, he accused YoungBoy of cooperating with the police after YoungBoy's girlfriend, Iyana Mayweather, was arrested for a stabbing at the Louisiana rapper's Houston home.

YoungBoy later fired back on social media. "I ain't never paid attention to no nigga," YoungBoy responded. "Especially, from no muthafuckin cell, nigga. What the fuck that nigga watching me for?" he snapped. "Then, what the nigga say? A nigga say I cooperated. ’Bout what you stupid bitch? 'Bout my wife?"

Kodak continued to egg on the situation. The following day, Kodak dissed his adversary by calling YoungBoy his son. Project Baby addressed the situation on a jail call last year. "I'll keep posting homie," Kodak said in the audio. "I'll keep on clout-chasing, nigga, in your voice, nigga. And make you do something, boy, stop playing with me, boy, for real, boy. Talking ’bout suck a dick, talking about suck a dick. Playing with a real one like that you don't play with no man like that. Talking ’bout suck a dick, homie."

The taunts didn't stop there. Later that month, Kodak's Sniper Gang apparel brand made toilet paper with "NBA" printed on it. However, in March, Kodak appeared to have a change of tune after hearing YoungBoy was serving time. On Instagram Live, he said he was not happy about YoungBoy being locked up despite their beef.

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