In a wild rant, Kodak Black said that he would have whupped Will Smith’s daughter Willow for writing an alleged letter to Tupac Shakur.

On Friday (April 8), Kodak jumped on Instagram Live and went on a rant about Will Smith and the punishment he received from the Film Academy for slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars Awards last Sunday. The South Florida rapper then went on a tangent about Will's daughter Willow. Yak said he would have whupped Willow for writing a letter to the late rapper, referring to a viral TikTok video featuring relationship expert Kevin Samuels reciting an alleged letter Willow wrote to Tupac when she was 11 years old.

“Dear Tupac, I know you are alive some place. I think that my mommy really misses you,” the missive reads. “Can you please come back. Can you come back so [mommy] and me can be happy! I wish you were here...I really do. Love, Willow.”

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Kodak couldn’t believe that Willow would even write a letter to Tupac.

"You got my daughter writing this nigga Tupac like he’s somewhere alive that’s shit crazy,” he said. “Like she finna put the shit in a bottle and muthafuckin’ throw that bitch in the ocean somewhere and that bitch gon’ get to Tupac in Cuban somewhere.”

Kodak also said if he was her father, he would punish Willow for writing to a deceased person.

"I would have whupped Willow’s fuckin’ ass, homie," Kodak stated. "I would have whupped her stupid ass. Snatch my belt off, homie, and whupped her dumb ass."

"And bitch you’re on time out, punishment," he added. "I ain’t doin’ that shit. Time out. I ain’t fuckin’ with you. Matter fact, I ain’t cho daddy."

Elsewhere, Kodak suggested that Will get a new wife and adopt a new daughter.

"Man fuck that. Go get yourself a young tenderoni," he said. "Go get yourself some shit that’s about 18 years old. Get you some shit that’s about 22 [years old]."

"And fuck around adopt you a baby. Go ahead and get a whole 'nother daughter," he continued. "Adopt you one who is going to praise you, gonna cherish you. Bitch, you supposed to be my daddy’s girl, bitch. You be supposed to be my daughter. Daughter supposed to love their daddy. That shit is crazy as fuck."

Yak then asked his fans to tell Will Smith to call him so he could help him out.

Watch Kodak Black’s rant on Instagram Live below. Fast-forward to the 6-minute mark to hear Yak talk about Willow and the 16-minute mark to hear him give Will Smith some advice.

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