Krysten Ritter plays the “B” in the upcoming ABC sitcom ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.’ As you can see in this photo from a ‘Me in My Place’ shoot she did with Esquire, what a fine looking “B” she is.

Ritter got her start as a model and then made the transition to actress. The 31-year-old’s most prominent role before ‘Apartment 23’ was as tattoo-less tattoo artist Jane Margolis on ‘Breaking Bad.’

According to Ritter, her friends weren’t surprised when she was cast as a woman with unpleasant tendencies.

“Everyone’s like, ‘You’re so perfect for this part!’ I’m like, ‘Why? Does everyone think I’m a horrible bitch?’

During the photo shoot, Ritter also made a sex joke about Willie Nelson. While we generally try to avoid anything that would lead us to imagine what the 78-year-old country music legend would look like in the throes of passion, Ritter made the joke will wearing only a bra and panties (it was pretty funny) so we are obligated to post the video below.

[via Esquire]

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