In a previous release, we discovered that Denver Broncos Head Coach, Gary Kubiak, was taken to the hospital after the Falcons game this past Sunday due to a complex migraine. Kubiak is expected to be released from the hospital later this afternoon to head home to recuperate.

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Now, according to a press release from the Denver Broncos, Kubiak will be taking the rest of the week off to rest. This means he will not be on the sidelines for the San Diego Chargers game this upcoming Thursday.

Taking the lead of the Broncos this Thursday in the game will be Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis. DeCamillis has been a Special Teams coach for the past 24 years and came to work for the Broncos under Kubiak last season.

In the release, John Elway cited "DeCamillis' work in game-management situations with Kubiak and analytics guru Mitch Tanney as a reason why DeCamillis will be the interim coach."


Source: Denver Broncos