With many Coloradans getting Labor Day off, Denver International Airport is going to be a madhouse for those looking to fly away for the holiday.

Lines, jammed parking, loud kids, and people being angry about almost anything is what you can expect at DIA this weekend; the hub is expecting what might as well be a billion people to pass through between September 2, and the end of Labor Day, September 6, 2021.

FOX31 reports that you can look eager too (sarcasm) to fewer TSA lanes, too, because of the big Great Hall renovation going on.

I think people are going to be on edge, with all the reports of the uptick in passengers being unruly on flights and that mask mandate in place until at least the beginning of 2022; may I suggest you pack some extra patience.

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Only about half of this years' estimated one million people traveled through the airport during the same timeframe in 2020; I wonder how many will pass through in 2022, 2023.

With Labor Day Weekend being the unofficial end of summer, now is the time to get a 'breather' in before the snow starts coming in, and we start talking about, *gasp, Christmas.

Hopefully, everyone has an enjoyable trip and flight experience, because it's hard to come back to that short week after Labor Day carrying a bunch of stress from  'vacation.'

[Source: FOX31]

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