Keep wearing pink and sporting your "I love boobies" bracelet, because Breast Cancer Awareness Month is still going strong.

However, as the month is coming to an end, I realized that while I am certainly aware of breast cancer (as in, it exists), I didn't really know that much about it.

To learn more, I spoke to executive director Mary Vivo and care navigator Aly Wells of HopeLives!, an assistance program for patients in treatment for breast cancer through survivorship planning.

These ladies work tirelessly to ensure maximum comfort in breast cancer patients, from treatment to survivorship.

The only program of its kind in Colorado, Hope Lives is the helping hand that patients need during their cancer journey. While doctors take care of the medical side, this organization takes care of personal needs that physicians can't.

"We help people and meet them right where they're at in their treatment," said Vivo. "Doctors] are there, they do a great job, but how do you get through everyday life? How do you clean your home when you're feeling crummy?"

That's where Wells comes in. She works one-on-one with patients to determine what their needs are and how the program can meet them, particularly when it comes to the ramifications from chemotherapy.

"More than 40% of are services are towards acupuncture...its helps with a lot of the side effects of chemotherapy," said Wells. "We've got massage therapists, lymphatic drainage care...mindfulness to help with stress."

Basically, they are there to help with whatever a patient needs to get through everyday life — whether that's providing a holistic treatment or just a shoulder to cry on.

To learn more about HopeLives!, as well as what you can do to help support cancer patients and fight the disease, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Mary and Aly below.

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