Have you ever been faced with the prospect of having to leave Colorado? Where would you go? Is there a state you absolutely wouldn't even consider moving to?

I asked on Facebook, "You have to move out of Colorado, but you can pick one state to avoid being relocated to... Where are you NOT moving to, and why?" Here's what you had to say.

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The Thought Of Leaving Colorado

It's a scary thought, isn't it? I was born in Colorado, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I spent a number of years living on the road, touring with Country Bands. At the end of the day, I'm confident Colorado is the best state to live in.

What, Though, If You Had To Relocate?

Unfortunately, it does happen. Life does what it does and sometimes we have to move on down the road. Sometimes it's work, other times it might be family, and sometimes it's due to health concerns. A good friend of mine moved to the coast because his wife, suffering from respiratory problems, could no longer handle Colorado's elevation.

Unpopular Places To Move To

Precisely two months ago (October 1, 2022) CNBC published a report "These Are The  Least Popular States To Move To In 2022." How did they come up with their findings? Basically, the compared the number of people moving into the state to the number moving out.

According to CNBC's list, these are the least popular states to move to in 2022:

  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Utah
  • Maryland
  • Rhode Island
  • Louisiana
  • Virginia

What's The Deal With New Jersey

CNBC makes mentions the fact that residents of New Jersey pay the highest property taxes in the United States. Two other states making this list, New York and Connecticut, are in the same boat.

Something To Consider

It might be wise to hold off on making any concrete decisions when it comes to other states. A native Coloradoan (I've been here so long I still say Coloradoan rather than Coloradan), I was certain I had no use for heavily-populated states like New York. Back in May of this year, I was supposed to go on a short tour in Europe. I had already purchased my airline tickets to LaGuardia International Airport in New York when it was announced the tour had been canceled.

I had never spent time in New York City, believing it to be something of a Hellhole. When the tour was canceled, I found myself stuck with roundtrip tickets to New York. So, given I had the tickets and the time off from work, it seemed prudent to spend the week in Manhattan. I absolutely LOVED it. While I'm not prepared to move to Manhattan, despite everything I ever thought I knew, it's possible I could live there if I had to leave Colorado.

California Need Not Worry About Being Inundated By Coloradoans

Check out the gallery below, and you'll notice a common theme. Looking at your replies, it looks as though the state of California is in no immediate fear of being overrun by Coloradoans, not if we have any say in the matter.

If We Had To Leave Colorado, This Is Where We Wouldn't Move

Have you ever thought about where you would move to if you had to leave Colorado? Most of us wouldn't leave Colorado for all the money in the world. But, what if you had to?

I asked on social media, "You have to move out of Colorado, but you can pick one state to avoid being relocated to... Where are you NOT moving to, and why?"

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