I was getting really curious about what's going on at the 34 Marketplace in Loveland, off of Denver and Eisenhower. I solved that mystery- It's going to be a Verizon store. Not terribly exciting.

But just when I gathered that information, the Reporter-Herald broke the news of a really cool store coming to that same shopping center-its all about Legos!

Lego Loveland Museum
Dave Jensen, TSM

Lego has a history in Loveland. In 1965 they built a 50,000 sq. ft. factory on SW 14th Street near Railroad to make Lego bricks! I couldn't find out information on how long that factory made Lego bricks. That building went on to be a WaterPik factory- that looked like it had Lego bricks all along the outside. Today, they've redone the outside and it's home to Rise Broadband.

When I saw in the Reporter-Herald that a Lego store was coming to town, I thought 'Welcome Back!'

The store coming to the 34 Marketplace off of Denver and Eisenhower is Bricks & Minifigs- they buy, sell and trade Lego products!  Do you have a huge tub of Lego bricks- they'll buy them! Looking for mini-figures for your kids! They have them! This store is going to be great!

Get more on the story from the Reporter-Herald HERE!

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