A trip into the Colorado mountains for some skiing or snowboarding can be an ordeal: Traffic, the cold, the lift lines. There's a new bar headed to Colorado to help you enjoy the slopes, without the hassle.

Like golf simulators and golf simulator bars, here come another great idea. Getting more people into skiing and snowboarding, while also providing a casual "lodge-like" experience. Plus, you can do it all year, not just during the season.


Enjoying some beverages after skiing or snowboarding is a much of the sport as actually doing it. Gathering with friends/family talking about their days on the slopes. This new entertainment venue will bring the slopes to the city, all year. I can see many who avoid skiing/snowboarding, just because of having to plan, pack, and deal with the elements, being eager to check this out.

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Created by the Colorado folks behind the company that produces alcohol drinks from lemons, they are taking that success further. By as early as February of 2023, ski and snowboard fans will have the opportunity to check out their new endeavor. The venue will have simulators that can take you (with VR technology) to some of the great ski slopes around the globe, much like ski simulator locations.


The Lemon Lodge Ski Bar, which will be in the heart of Colorado Springs, will also have leagues where you can ski against your fiends, and instructors to help you improve your "shredding."  Afterward, après, grab some food and drinks in their lodge setting to make the experience complete.

Imagine: It's July and you're skiing or snowboarding. Will you wear a sweater?

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