The Denver Broncos are arguably one of the most popular teams in the NFL. We aren't biased, either — a new study shows they're the 11th most-loved team in the league.

However, this number might improve. Why? It all has to do with Lewis Hamilton.

Who is Lewis Hamilton?

According to BroncosWire, Lewis Hamilton is a British racecar driver who has over 100 wins to his name. The publication says Hamilton is "one of the best drivers in the sport's history."

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Queen Elizabeth II also knighted him last year. Now, he's one of the new co-owners of the Denver Broncos, joining the likes of Mellody Hobson, Rob Walton, Condoleezza Rice, and more.

How will Lewis Hamilton make the Denver Broncos more popular?

A new report from the Action Network shows that since Hamilton joined the Broncos family, online searches of his name have increased by more than 900% in the United Kingdom.

This data may seem irrelevant, but UK residents aren't just curious about Hamilton — searches for the Broncos have also grown by 110% across the pond.

"Lewis Hamilton, Colorado, and the Broncos have witnessed a massive increase in Google search terms," reads the report. "Fans and critics are expecting the Broncos to see a huge change in global popularity in the coming years."

Hopefully, this worldwide attention will give the Broncos the motivation they need to win this season.

The Denver Broncos are entering a new era, but it doesn't hurt to look back. Scroll through a pictorial history of the team in the gallery below.

Scroll Through a Pictorial History of the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have one of the most successful franchises in the NFL. Eight Super Bowl appearances, 15 division titles, 21 playoff appearances, and three championships. But, as every fan knows, the road is never easy and with every victory, there are plenty of heartaches and disappointments. All the memorable moments and players are too many to mention here, but, take a look back at some of the highlights and heartaches of the past 60+ years.

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