Coloradans may want to consider keeping their outdoor lights turned off for the next few nights, in order to help the millions of birds that are currently migrating through the state.

In fact, the CSU AeroEco Lab has issued a "lights out" alert for May 11, 12, and 13 based on the number of birds that are expected to fly across Colorado during those nights. According to the lab's updated models, approximately 3.9 million birds will be flying through Colorado night skies on Wednesday and again on Friday. On Thursday, an estimated 1.2K birds will be migrating through Fort Collins alone.

On May 10, 5.2 million feathered friends made their way through the Centennial State.

The collaborative research team uses a radar model to predict when large amounts of birds will be making their way through various parts of the country. Additionally, their work includes studying avian flight strategies, long-term phenological change, population estimates, impacts of artificial light, and migration forecasting.

The brightness lures them in, resulting in artificial light as the chief killer of birds flying at night. This is why the "Lights Out" campaign was created. When residents dim and cut out light pollution during the nighttime, it helps the birds' migration journey. It's a small step that can greatly help the survival of these feathered animals. At least 44 different cities now participate in this program.

Find updated daily bird migration maps here.

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