One of Fort Collins' favorite pizza joints is going to be on a perfect food show for them: A show that celebrates food of the '80s.

They have a new location, a new attitude and will be on a new show. You could say things are going very "Rad" for Totally 80's Pizza. The beloved spot is going to be on "Adam Eats the 80s."

Whereas you might think a show like this would be on Food Network or Cooking Channel, this one is all about The '80s, so it will be on History Channel. The show will will have the host, Adam Richman, "going back in time" to:

..rediscover, revisit and even reincarnate  long lost delicious delicacies from this dynamic decade!


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It's hard to think of what they might be doing at Totally 80's, other than it being about the '80s, unless Adam will be trying to reincarnate Domino's famous "Breakfast Pizza" from the '80s. Yumm.

Adam Richman has been on a ton of food-related TV shows including "Man vs. Food," "The Food That Built America," "Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America," and "Amazing Eats." The man is hungry, let's face it.

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From Richman, in a press release about the show:

I guarantee that viewers – young and old, whether they lived through the 80s or not – are going to love the food, fun, and nostalgia of the freshest, raddest, most totally awesome 80s show ever!”

Totally 80's episode is set to air at 9 p.m. Mountain time on April 17.

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