They are taking off all over: Arcade Bars. Pinball Jones in Fort Collins, The Flipside in Loveland, and now Quarters Bar + Arcade in Longmont! They'll even have high-tech beer!

UPDATE January 29, 2019:

It looks like Quarters will be opening on February 2, 2019!

when it opens in the fall, it'll be right in the heart of Downtown Longmont at 475 Main Street- Quarters Bar + Arcade. These places are a lot fun. You get to play great games AND have great drinks!

What will make this particular place stand out from Pinball Jones and The Flipside- is how you get a beer! The Times-Call has the story on how patrons will have bracelets and pour their own beer. If I'm reading it correctly, they're probably referring to something like the iPour It system, where you get a bracelet associated with your tab that monitors how much beer you're pouring and tallies it up at the end of the night. They want to have those bracelets activate the games, too - so you wouldn't need -- a quarter!

This is going to be FUN!

Keep up on their progress via their Facebook Page HERE!

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