Remember when you were four years old? Any sound or bump in the night could have been a monster. A monster could be under the bed, in the closet, or your t shirt drawer... Anywhere. If only we could have had someone like officer David Bonday from the Longmont Police Department to help us out.

Scary clown person in clown mask on blue background studio shot

Thankfully, four year old Sidney did! She recently moved into a new home in Longmont and was worried about monsters hurting her and her family. She was quoted saying "well, cause I hear sounds when people weren't up" in an article in KDVR. Sidney met officer Bonday at a community event with Longmont Police Department earlier this month and asked if he could search for monsters.

When officer Bonday came to her house on Sunday, they both searched the house, top to bottom. No monsters were found!

We all thank our officers across the country for their heroic line of work keeping everyone safe. Sometimes officers can go above and beyond and keep us safe while searching for monsters. Even a little monster patrol can make anyone feel a little safer!


Source: KDVR

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