You've heard of the '7 Wonders of the World', let's take a stroll through '7 of the MANY Wonders Of Wyoming' that aren't named Yellowstone.

Wyoming has so many options for tourism that other states just dream of having. Yellowstone National Park, Devil's Tower National Monument, Bridger-Teton National Park, Bighorn Mountains, Wind River Canyon, Thunder Basin National Grassland and the list goes on and on of popular places to visit when in Wyoming

What about incredible locations that don't get the attention of those major parks, monuments and scenic drives? This state is so full of options that is would really take you years to even get close to seeing and spending time at the attractions here.

Wyoming has some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country that is full of history, museums, landscapes, rock formations, hot springs, wildlife and destinations that folks have no clue about.

So why should we actually be telling tourists about them? So they can come and spend all their hard earned cash in Wyoming restaurants, gas stations, souvenir shops, hotels, museums, campgrounds and parks to support the states 2nd biggest industry...tourism. There is no doubt that the tourism industry in Wyoming is doing REALLY well as the numbers all across the board increased significantly.

The state brought in over $4 Billion in travel spending which is a 31.2% increase from 2020

  • Tax Receipts from travel are up over 50%
    • local sales tax up 39.9%
    • state sales tax up 58.2%
  • Employment had a 6% gain with over 1700 jobs created
  • Overnight visitors were up 16.8%

You can see from the states tourism report that last year was a great year for Wyoming because of the tourism industry.

In 2022 the options are endless. Those that have visited will come back and spend more money if they know where they need to go. That reason is why we put together this list of places some may not have heard of.



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